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New Listing 9/8/14
Easy going trail horse for riders with basic skills through expert

Barclay, $3950, Spotted Saddle Horse, Gelding, Palomino, Age: 14, 14.3H

Flash-o-rama! All that beautiful dark gold and shimmering white looks like an opal in the sunlight. Barclay is a real easy going trail horse for riders with basic skills through expert. Barclay has been well trained out on the trails and calmly walks straight up creeks. He does not fuss, stands still, opens gates, backs-up, non-spooky, leads, follows, or hit the trail alone. You won’t feel any stress in the saddle because he is genuinely a real point and go with extremely smooth gaits. Relax and ride now. His gentle disposition and talents on the trail will make you proud to own him. Barclay is a winner with a show-stopping price. Gaited Pleasure Horses has over 25 years’ experience selling trail horses. We just don’t buy and sell horses. We ride them daily ensuring they are experienced thus saving you time and money. New stock has arrived. What's your request?


A real point-and-go, no fuss, out on the trails trained gaited horse.

Cool Love,
$4500, Spotted Saddle Horse, Gelding, Tobiano, Age: 9, 14.3H

Cool Love is shimmering white and jet black with distinctive Tobiano splash. He is a little powerhouse that is just the right size for mount and dismount. He’s extremely smooth and sure-footed anywhere you take him. He's been skillfully trained and has seen it and done it displaying a great disposition, intelligence, and the right attitude to lead the group or blaze a trail solo. He’s very confident and you will be too riding this beautiful savvy smooth gaited horse. Since he is a great match for beginners he is exceptionally and reasonably priced for the quality horse he is.

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