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Ride now! Easy going smooth gaited trail horse.

Name: Pea-wee, $5000, Spotted Saddle Horse, Gelding, Age: 8, 13.3H
I have ridden this horse on the trails in Nevada and California. Pea-wees’ calm and gentle presence shows off his athletic easy manner for pleasure riding. His fine-tuned skills on the trail coupled with smooth gaits makes him a great prospect to be your best trail buddy. He neck reins, non-spooky, joins-up, ground-ties, loads and trailers well. No fuss riding in groups or alone. Save time and money because he's ready to take home now. Another one I want to keep for myself. He's that good. Honestly no hype, just the truth. ! It's best to call me to chit-chat about this horse

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SOLD to one of America's finest Navy Seals!
Thank you for protecting our lives and freedom! 

A trail riders dream and worth more than the asking price.

Double registered TWHBEA 19901515 & National Spotted Horse A.I 9912968.

Name: Smoky's Pride's Peddler, $4500, Gelding, Age: 15, 15.3H
Most of us horse owners know that when you own a great horse you’ll never sell him no matter how much someone offers for him. Only a life changing event will force the sale of a horse this awe-inspiring. Here’s the checklist: Impressive breeding. Double Registered TWHBEA & NSSHAI. Flashy and magnificent. Natural horsemanship training. Only a well-built powerful horse could handle all day trail riding and real horse pack camping up into the mountains. Cool headed, patient, confident and sure-footed going where there is no trail. Most likely you will be on a trail so how easy is that? No posting ever. Smoky is extremely comfortable to ride because of his smooth 4-beat gaits which transition into a soft canter that’s just fun, fun, fun. Trustworthy and telepathic in so many ways. He’ll take care of you. A trail riders dream and worth more than the asking price. Eight years ago this was my horse. I sold him to a dear friend who has treated him with all the respect and love he deserves. A real Napa Valley horse. I’ll have a lot of fun riding Smoky until you buy him.

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