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Fairly priced horse for beginners. Trail ride with confidence now.

Name: Sashay, $2950, Mare, Sorrel, Spotted Saddle Horse, Age: 11, 14.3H

Sashay is a true painted beauty. Her quiet personality is enhanced with the right attitude towards people. She’s well built with the traditional perfectly sculpted SSH head with soft friendly eyes. Well trained and offers nice & sweet easy going smooth gaits. She leads the group, cruises in the middle and falls back to follow with no issues. Very good manners on the ground and she will let you do just about anything with her such as grooming, bathing, trimming, tacking-up, load/unload trailer, etc. Under saddle she will gladly turn, stop, open gates, stands still to mount/dismount. It’s our goal to find Sashay a really nice home. Our horses come with a limited purchase guarantee. It is all about you and NOT being stuck with a horse that you do not enjoy. It is my promise to find you the best horse that matches your riding skills and style.

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SOLD to one of America's finest Navy Seals!
Thank you for protecting our lives and freedom! 

A trail riders dream and worth more than the asking price.

Double registered TWHBEA 19901515 & National Spotted Horse A.I 9912968.

Name: Smoky's Pride's Peddler, $4500, Gelding, Age: 15, 15.3H
Most of us horse owners know that when you own a great horse you’ll never sell him no matter how much someone offers for him. Only a life changing event will force the sale of a horse this awe-inspiring. Here’s the checklist: Impressive breeding. Double Registered TWHBEA & NSSHAI. Flashy and magnificent. Natural horsemanship training. Only a well-built powerful horse could handle all day trail riding and real horse pack camping up into the mountains. Cool headed, patient, confident and sure-footed going where there is no trail. Most likely you will be on a trail so how easy is that? No posting ever. Smoky is extremely comfortable to ride because of his smooth 4-beat gaits which transition into a soft canter that’s just fun, fun, fun. Trustworthy and telepathic in so many ways. He’ll take care of you. A trail riders dream and worth more than the asking price. Eight years ago this was my horse. I sold him to a dear friend who has treated him with all the respect and love he deserves. A real Napa Valley horse. I’ll have a lot of fun riding Smoky until you buy him.

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