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Ride now! Easy going smooth gaited trail horse.

Charlie, $3950, Gelding, Bay, Age: 9, 15.2H

Beautiful bay, jet black tail and mane with shimmering white socks. Calm, gentle, well-proportioned and dignified presence shows off his athletic easy manner for pleasure riding. Soft and silky maneuvers on the trails coupled with smooth gaits makes Charlie a great prospect to be your best trail buddy for years to come. Non-spooky, joins-up, ground-ties, loads and trailers well. Charlie will gait out in groups or alone. Save time and money because he's ready to take home now. I have rode Charlie all over the USA and may just keep him for guests at the ranch. Act fast because he's that good. No hype, just the truth.


A real dandy with smooth cool gaits. Nice price too!

Dandy, $3,750, Gelding, Sorrell, Age: 10, 15.3H

If you are looking for classy traditional ultra-smooth gaits, seriously, look no further. Dandy lives up to his name with good looks, presence, ability, and training with strength and stamina for all day trail rides if you wish. He will not fuss if you ask him to gently flat walk with your friends on Quarter Horses. On the flip-side he can really hit his lick with fun fast forward gliding gaits with seamless transitions. Dandy has very good ground manners and stands for saddling, mount/dismount, neck reins, non-spooky, ground ties, loads, clips, stands for the farrier, crossties, etc, etc, etc. A real sweet heart for almost any level rider

Contact Terry at or 831-818-5932


Great attitude, awesome looks and fairly priced gaited Walk-a-loosa

Smokey, $2750, Gelding, gray tail & mane, Age: 3, 14.3H

In one word? Stunning! We looked high and low for this well-built beauty with a great attitude. His calm temperament combined with naturally smooth gaits is a true pleasure ride. Sure footed on the trails without fuss. No posting required so you will not be sore at the end of your ride! Good ground manners, loads/trailers, non-spooky, and willing to please. Smokey is a great all-around prospect for an experienced rider that wants to finish a horse their way. Gaited Pleasure Horse Ranch has years of experience selling only the finest gaited horses to all riding levels. We train our horses daily ensuring they are experienced saving you time and money. New stock has arrived. What's your request?

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