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This TWH is like floating on a beautiful cloud. His price is dreamy too.

Name: Chai, $2950, Tennessee Walking Horse, Gelding, Age: 13, 15.1H

Extraordinary soft shimmers of strawberry, pink and brassy-red splashed against white. Charming white blaze with some flax in mane & tail. Soft eyes matched by a calm temperament. Chai is a real pleasure ride with naturally inherited four-beat smooth gaits and the sought after running floating on a cloud. Sweet horse dreams come true. Both horse and rider come through less fatigued because of the durability, strength, and stable maneuvers while under saddle. Chai is so much fun to ride and really enjoys your direction. We don’t expect to have him long because he is dependable, intelligent and good looking! Splish-splash for a little bit of cash. Get out to the barn now or you'll miss this one.

By appointment only call (831) 818-5932 or

A lot of dash for a little bit of cash! A trail horse you can trust.

Name: Andy, $3500, Kentucky Mountain Horse, Gelding, Age: 7, 14.2H
Pictures do not do Andy justice. He’s actually black with soft undertones of bay in the sunlight. This is one easy going fun trail horse that leads, follows, or hit the trail alone. Andy does not spook and is very sure-footed. Relax in the saddle. You can trust him to take care of you so just point and go. You will be so happy when you feel his seamless transitions through his extremely smooth gaits. That’s the ticket! His gentle disposition and talents on the trail will make you proud to own him. Your friends will want to ride him. No additional training needed. We just don’t buy and sell horses, we trail ride them daily ensuring they are experienced thus saving you time and money. Call me and let’s chat about your needs and wants for a great trail horse.

Contact Terry at (831) 818-5932

SOLD to a very lucky cowboy!
Look great and feel amazing riding a beautiful eye-catching Palomino

Name: Troy, $6500, Fox Trotter, Gelding, Age: 5, 16.1H
Troy will become the spirit of your heart with his great manners. He has youth coupled with continuous training and it shows. He is so willing to take you anywhere you want to go. You will be so relaxed when you experience his easy going smooth transitional gaits. Ride out with a group or ride alone. Young enough for Troy to be imprinted to you and put the fine touches on him your way. It doesn’t get better than creating a trail buddy for life. Save time and money and let us match you to your new dream horse. Our limited purchase guarantee ensures satisfaction. New stock has arrived and may not be advertised yet. I'm always out riding horses daily. Call me while I'm in the saddle. It’s difficult to read emails while training a horse.
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