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More gaited horses at barn. Contact Terry at or (831) 818-5932

If easy going laid back riding is your destiny then this is
your new gaited pleasure horse.

Destiny, $1000, TWH Mare, Black, Age: 17, 14.2H

Destiny is the sweetest easy going, laid back, never in a hurry horse that I have ever taken out on the trail. She’s just gaits along with no worry of other horses passing her. Now, don’t get me wrong she can pick it up and hit her gaits but why would she want to at 17 years old. Seriously an easy rider and easy keeper. Great for children, youth and beginners. Destiny is gentle with a real sweet personality that will make you just fall in love with such a cool calm mare. She’s been in many parades without fuss. Her years of experience will make you feel so confident in the saddle which you know is the best feeling! The horse, the price, the experience just doesn’t get any better than this for those of you who just want to quietly gait along the trail and have some fun

Contact Terry at or 831-818-5932


Ride now! Easy going smooth gaited trail horse.

TWH/Spotted Saddle Horse, $4500, Gelding, Age: 7, 15H

Marshall Dillion is beautiful blue black with shimmering white markings. Calm, gentle, well-proportioned and dignified presence shows off his athletic easy manner for pleasure riding. Soft and silky maneuvers on the trails coupled with smooth gaits makes him a great prospect to be your best trail buddy for years to come. Dillion neck reins, is non-spooky, joins-up, ground-ties, loads and trailers well. Rides in groups or alone. Save time and money because he's ready to take home now.

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