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Affordable sane & sound black beauty. No posting, go gaited and relax

Name: Johnny Legend, $2950, Gelding, Black, Age: 14, 15.1H
Experience how calm Johnny Legend is. Pressure does not rattle him. His 14 years’ experience on the trails will have you believing (and feeling) that he’s sane & sound. Non-spooky, does not fuss or get involved with other horses drama. Enjoys attention, stands calmly to mount/dismount, leads/follows, gets along with other horses, etc, etc, etc. A real awesome combination, wouldn’t you agree? Our horses are trained out on the trails ensuring they are truly ready for you to blaze a trail anytime you are ready! Forget sending a horse to a trainer and waiting to ride. Johnny Legend is a great first horse or husband horse. Save time and money by having us match you to your new dream horse coupled with our limited purchase guarantee. See more gaited horses for sale at our barn.

By appointment only call (831) 818-5932 or


Look great and feel amazing riding a beautiful eye-catching Palomino

Name: Troy, $6500, Fox Trotter, Gelding, Age: 5, 15.2H
Troy will become the spirit of your heart with his great manners. He has youth coupled with continuous training and it shows. He is so willing to take you anywhere you want to go. You will be so relaxed when you experience his easy going smooth transitional gaits. Ride out with a group or ride alone. Young enough for Troy to be imprinted to you and put the fine touches on him your way. It doesn’t get better than creating a trail buddy for life. Save time and money and let us match you to your new dream horse. Our limited purchase guarantee ensures satisfaction. New stock has arrived and may not be advertised yet. I'm always out riding horses daily. Call me while I'm in the saddle. It’s difficult to read emails while training a horse.

Contact Terry at (831) 818-5932
SOLD  ~ More horses at barn. Horse shop now (831) 818-5932
Everything you need to trail ride now is in this horse.

Name: Golden Traveler, $3,950, Fox Trotter, Gelding,  Age: 10, 15H
Look closely at the picture, I'm riding this horse with leg pressure only! Not once did he want to take off because I was NOT holding the reins. Reality is you want to buy a horse and meet a bunch of friends for a trail ride, like today. Everything you need (and want) to trail ride now is in this one horse. Check this out. I pass on the arena and ride him out through my neighborhood to truly test his “spook factor.” At an awesome fast smooth gait heading down the hill we encounter hyper crazy like goats, barking dogs and field workers on ATV’s. He didn’t spook, rear, buck or even snort back at all the commotion he was passing by. Traveler did not miss a beat and just kept gaiting on. Seriously smooth and cool under pressure. Now I’m impressed and thinking “why am I selling this horse? Should I keep him for my rental string because just about anyone can ride him?” If you are looking for a very experienced horse without issues, this is the one. Ride him and you’ll want him too. Need more info, ask me anything about him.
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