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Gorgeous Registered Buckskin is a real dream horse with addictive smooth gaits.

Smokey Rain, $10,500, Gelding, Age: 4, 14.2H

Smokey Rain may easily become your new dream horse. He is stunning with rich shades of honey complemented by a traditional chocolate mane & tail. You will feel confident and pure joy riding this fine smooth gaited horse on the trails or on the beach. Crashing waves? No problem. Smokey is calm and just the right size for mount/dismount. Intuitive, trustworthy, non-spooky and lots of skills including cross ties, ground ties, trailers, opens gates, sure-footed, crosses creeks, bridges, rivers and mastering switch backs on steep trails. A sweet freedom-feeling running-walk like no other. The right attitude to gait through the streets with the group. Passing bicyclists and wildlife are of no concern to him. Super light touch on the bit and responds well with leg pressure cues. No posting is less work and more fun riding through the lazy days of Summer. Make every mile a wonderful memory on a horse you love with all your heart.

Videos available. Horses shown by appointment only. (831) 818-5932

Having fun and feeling trust every time you ride is what these horses are all about.

Name it, ride it, love it, own it.

These horses are gentle with naturally smooth gaits for the best trail riding experience. No posting required, ever! We do not suffer from a sore bum riding all day, every day for the past week in the Santa Cruz mountains. Horse camping is the best natural horsemanship training. These smart horses were not fazed by traversing through cool misty fog, mud, puddles, creeks, walking up/down the river, stepping over huge fallen branches, squeezing between giant Redwood trees, slippery steep trails with hairpin turns, birds flushing out at our hooves, deer springing about, rabbits bouncing in front of us and passing other riders on the trail. These horses are trail certified by us. Now it’s up to you to call me and tell me how fast you want to gait. I have horses that softly flat walk, stride at lovely gait or jet speed leaving you breathless, thrilled and very happy. Name it, ride it, love it, own it. Anywhere and anytime. We will help you get on the trails by the end of the day. No joke, no hype, no lie. Call for info on breed, prices, videos and appointments available.

Call Terry Zygalinski (831) 818-5932
Live your dream to have fun making memories trail riding.

We ride/train our horses rain or shine, day or night all year long. Our passion to ride horses through adverse conditions ends up being a true benefit for you. Such as, we ride in the mountains with steep up/down switch-back single-track trails. Stepping over giant logs, pushing through the brush, squeezing between giant redwood trees, splashing up/down rivers and crossing narrow wooden bridges. On the beaches in Monterey with waves crashing around their hooves. They are loaded in/out of multiple types of horse trailers. No spook.
No turn & burn. No bad attitude. We sell trustworthy Tennessee Walking Horses, Missouri Fox Trotters, Spotted Saddle Horses, Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horses, Pleasure Saddle Horses, Rocky Mountain Horses and gaited mules.

Purchase a horse that is less work and more fun. It's best to call and ask what’s in stock.      I'll text you pictures & videos. Horses shown by appointment only, call 831-818-5932.

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