Testimonial Quick Quotes

“Thank you Terry Zygalinski for providing the Mounted Patrol of San Mateo County Search and Rescue safe, sound, and sane horses we can ride all day long.“ Big John, Woodside, CA 2007

“As my riding skills improved Terry would find me another more skilled horse to match my new riding level. Thanks for building my confidence for the past decade.” Teresa, Sacramento, CA 2005

“We own 5 cool-headed yet brawny enough for field trial horses from Terry. He matched my entire family with their individual riding needs including a real anyone-can-ride husband horse.”
Tami, Los Banos, CA 2005

“I thank Terry Zygalinski "Ziggy" for my well disciplined, non-spooky horse for Mounted Patrol in the busy streets of San Jose.” Courtney, SJPD 2001

“Between my $20,000 knee, screwed up back, sciatica, neck and shoulder pain, finding a horse
that I can ride comfortably is not easily accomplished. Thanks, Terry. Your mission to fit horse
to rider is inspiring.”
Sheryl, El Dorado Hills, CA 2007

“I can’t tell you how much fun I’m having with these gaited horses and what a pleasure it is
dealing with such a professional like Terry Zygalinski. I still drive over Terry’s at least once a month just to see the new horses he brings in. My wife is starting to worry, she asks “How many horses can
you ride at one time anyway?” You gotta meet Terry and ride these horses, you don’t know
what you are missing.”
Gian, San Martin, CA 2005

"Terry Zygalinski "Ziggy" told me that this horse would just about go anywhere. While riding in the park, there was no place to tie him to use the restroom so I took him in with me. There was no one around. He stopped in front of the mirror. He just stood there admiring himself until I was ready to go." Richard, CA 2001

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